People Search Engine

Datacrowd wants to be the best people search engine.
We collect data from various sources on the web to give you high quality results.

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People Search

is our passion. Therefore we collect and aggregate data from the web and make it searchable for you. We have well known people in our database as well as common people. We hope to provide the best free people search for you.

Data Sources

We use a huge list of names as the basis for the data you find. Then we pull in information from many APIs, i.e. Google+, Facebook, Freebase and more. As we want to provide the best data we are eager to hear your feedback about what data you want to have added to our people search engine.

Open Data

We strongly believe in the idea of open data. Therefore we attribute every data we publish to the original content. We adhere to all relevant licenses, i.e. CC-BY-SA, CC-BY and GFDL. We do try to provide a linkback to the original data if we can.

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